The world is facing a very serious ecological problem. As of last year, 7 species of bees have been added to the US endangered species list, which means many of our favorite foods and crops are at risk of going through a severe shortage such as apples, cherries, broccoli, almonds, honey and many others. It doesn't end there, this also impacts the feed we give our chickens and cows and therefore impacts our meat supply. For a detailed analysis complete with stunning visuals, take a look at the video below.

That's why we want to join in the fight to save the bees from total extinction! Each of our treats are made with raw honey from the good people at The Honey Jar who take great pride and care of their bees.

In addition to that, we are now pledging to donate a portion of our profits to the amazing people at Planet Bee Foundation. By teaching both children and adults the environmental issues that are hurting our bees via hands on experience, they are ensuring the protection of these little critters for future generations one lesson at a time. Please visit their website to learn more about their programs and see how you can help today!