How We Got Started

My name is Isiah and I'm a co-founder of Honey Licks LLC. In high school I took an environmental chemistry class where a classmate did a presentation on the decline of the bee population. Her passion for bees had stuck with me and I ended up majoring in Agricultural and Bio Engineering in college. Unfortunately I couldn't keep up with tuition and eventually had to stop my studies. Determined to not give up on my goals I spent the next few years working at various bars to save money and go back to school. 

One day I took our family dog Peanut to live with me and he kept licking my couch, my pillows, everything! I looked online for some kind of lick-able treat and the products that came up had issues. Then it hit me; if I made a better, lick-able treat using honey I could help save the bees, which helps our food supply, and give dogs a natural, health beneficial treat!

I brought up the idea to my friend and now business partner Kim, a trained candy maker and pastry chef, and together we created Honey Licks!

By purchasing raw honey from local bee keepers, we support their bee's safety and care as they pollinate the local flora. We then take a part of our profits and donate it to Planet Bee Foundation so that they can continue their efforts to save the bees from total extinction!